acid snow

if I am on the road to yesterday
echoes of tomorrow on my way
i can’t stop and I can’t go
my mind is veiled by acid snow

i can’t deny you
‚cause I just find addiction in my soul
i can’t forget you,
the words you said
will never stop to grow

everything I once believed in
everything is gone
i am waking from this dream
exhausted and alone
the remains of what you’ve given
fade to nothingness
words are only empty shells
and I am evenless

nothing’s real and nothing’s saved
when you’ve lost control
every single memory
is piercing through my soul
it seems to me like I am walking
on the other side
just a moment in my hands
you’ve painted black and white

© evenless
Martin Walczak/Lars Schneider

aus dem Album „Songs From the Basement“, ver√∂ffentlicht 2004