frozen tears

you have build a wall inside your mind
when I tried to touch you inside
your real self I always longed to find
was veiled by a haze of pride
you said you`d ignore what others say
but instead you hurt yourself
you have always said you love me
but you could not understand

frozen tears
i regret every single day in your life
frozen tears
is your sun ain`t gonna shine

it`s so sad when I look back at us
all my tears were shed in vain
it seems that I wasn`t good enough
that your heart could share the pain
so why now when all is said and done
you come crawling on your knees
can there be a second chance for us
can you turn round yourself

i am just what you made out of me
so when you look at me, it´s you, you see
i give a damn, I don´t care what will be
all of you don´t matter much to me

© evenless
Lars Schneider/Martin Walczak

aus dem Album „The Story Of Janus Stark“, veröffentlicht 2003