split infinity


we´re making decisions,
we´re taking advice
we´re placing our bets,
it´s a roll of the dice
we´re clinging to something
that´s never been there
we´re stumbling through history
without a care

but all we dream and say and touch and feel
just shows our need to reach infinity
i wish there was a way
a chance to let us stay
i wish that we could split infinity
we´re following orders,
we´re breaking the rules
we´re always believing
we´ve got nothing to lose
we´re fighting each other,
we´re looking for love
we´re waiting for answers
from heaven above

another life so fragile
another golden beam turns into nothing
end it all today, take me far away
out of this misery

© evenless
Lars Schneider

aus dem album „split infinity“, veröffentlicht 2006