where do we go from here

what leads me out of this cave
out of this cave
that now has become his grave
it´s too late
to thank you for being so cruel
for leading me through

it seems like ages,
since I´ve seen the sun
it´s good to feel
the warmth upon my skin
i feel like I´m a new man today
everything has changed
but I´m on my way

where do we go from here
i drown in fear
cause he disappeared
am I right
of being grateful that he died?
i won´t commit perjury
am I able to live on in certainty,
that he died of our human misery?
can I forget
every single word he said?
or take my problems to the crest?
are we able to find another way?
and convert
what I had learned from yesterday?

© evenless
Sebastian Moser

aus dem Album „The Story Of Janus Stark“, veröffentlicht 2003